Caution: Don't Edit This Page (yet).

<b>January 10, 2012</b> This wiki has a cool feature that allows you to fork any page by just editing it. You may have already forked the front page of this site. (Forked pages have a yellow cast.) We have mechanisms planed for tracking changes to originating documents but they are not in place on this site. So, I recommend you don't fork this page or you will cut yourself off from ongoing announcements here.

<b>January 18, 2012</b> We've regenerated the pattern pages on this site while casting "pattern mentions" as hyperlinks.

<b>February 1, 2012</b> We now have a feature where a new site can <i>refine</i> this site in such a way that readers weave in and out between the two sites. This is THE WAY to improve and extend Eric's DDD patterns. Let Ward know if you'd like to refine this work.